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Need More Traffic to Your Website?

Boost your website traffic quickly and easily with the Exactseek Traffic program. Our affordable program can provide up to 30,000 visitors per quarter to your selected webpage. Multiply your traffic by buying additional website visitors to as many other webpages as you like.

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Paying to much for PPC? Get Affordable Web Traffic!

The problem most business owners face is that PPC ads are VERY Expensive. The Web Traffic program provides country specific traffic at a large discount to industry peers. Depending on your industry, PPC ads can cost up to $10 per click. With the ExactSeek Web Traffic Program, you pay less than $0.01 per visitor, irrespective of how competitive your industry is.

How does the Web Traffic Program help you grow your business?

Guaranteed Traffic

You receive exactly the number of visitors you purchase.

Targeted Traffic

Select your category and receive targeted traffic from the US, UK, Canada, Australia or Worldwide.

Flat Rate Pricing

Unlike expensive Pay-Per-Click programs that charge per click, we charge a flat rate. Your cost? Just under $0.01 per visitor.

Unlimited Potential

Sign up for as many subscriptions as you like to multiply the number of visitors you will receive each quarter.

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All purchases are quarterly subscriptions. To prevent recurring charges, you will need to cancel your subscription(s) through your Member Account.

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Once your payment has been approved (usually a few seconds), you will be directed to a web page (you may have to click a link) where you can enter your URL and Category for your Traffic listing.