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Attract More Subscribers to Your YouTube Channel

Boost your subscribers and views to your YouTube video with Video Boost. Our affordable program can promote your video to an audience of up to 10,000 viewers. Multiply your views by buying additional packages to as many other videos as you like.

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Your Video is a Needle in a Haystack!

Did you know that your video is one of 800+ million and growing on YouTube? Your video is literally a needle in the world's largest haystack. Get your video seen with the Video Boost program. Our program provides affordable video promotion to help you grow your brand!

How does the Video Boost Program help you grow your business?

Grow Your Subscribers

Growing your subscribers will provide your channel with a more consistent reveune stream.

Unlimited Potential

Sign up as many times as you like to multiply the number of viewers you will receive.

Increase Views and Engagement

Increasing your views and engagement sends important signals to Youtube about your channel.

Flat Rate Pricing

Unlike expensive Pay-Per-Click programs that charge per click, we charge a flat rate.

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All purchases are one-time charges, there are no recurring fees.

1,000 Viewers
for $29.95

4,000 Viewers
for $99.95

10,000 Viewers
for $199.95


Payment is required in advance and may be made by credit card (Visa or MC). If you already have a PayPal account, you can purchase using a credit card. Checks Are Not Accepted.

Once your payment has been approved (usually a few seconds), you will be directed to a web page (you may have to click a link) where you can enter your Video's URL.