The ISEDN (Independent Search Engine & Directory Network) is able to provide a flat rate keyword program that offers online businesses Top 10 Exposure across a large network of search engines and web directories at low, flat fee rates. We provide the only alternative to PPC that delivers solid value and true benefits.

Featured Listing Pricing

Featured Listing Pricing

We use a tiered payment system which means the more Featured Listings you purchase the cheaper the rate is. Based on the number of Featured Listings, and the term that you select.

# of Listings   3 Month Term   1 Year Term
First 1-5   $12.00 Each   $36.00 Each
Next 6-10   $10 Each   $30 Each
Next 11-15   $8 Each   $24 Each
To purchase 16-500+ keyword terms contact:
Next 16-100   $6 Each   $18 Each
Next 101-500   $5 Each   $15 Each
501+ Keywords   $4 Each   $12 Each

The Purchase of 7 Featured Listings for 3 months would cost:
5 x $12 + (2 x $10) = $80

The Purchase of 12 Featured Listings for 3 months would cost:
5 x $12 + (5 x $10) + (2 x $8) = $126

The Purchase of 7 Featured Listings for 1 year would cost:
5 x $36 + (2 x $30) = $240

The Purchase of 12 Featured Listings for 1 year would cost:
5 x $36 + (5 x $30) + (2 x $24) = $378

Google Adwords vs. Featured Listings

Google Adwords

Cost/Click Clicks/Month Cost/Month
$1.00 100 $100.00
$1.50 500 $750.00
$2.00 1000 $2000.00

* Featured Listings

Cost/Click Clicks/Month Cost/Month
0.04¢ 100 $4.00
0.008¢ 500 $4.00
0.004¢ 1000 $4.00

* Based on a 3 Month Term.

Place Your Featured Listing Order in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Compose a Title for each of your listings that is 30 characters or less, including spaces. Click here to view sample.

Prepare a Description for each of your listings that is 100 characters or less, including spaces.

Review our Keyword Tips and Guidelines before finalizing your keyword selection.

Step 2

Use the ExactSeek Keyword Suggestion Tool to determine the general search popularity of your keyword term.

Step 3

Check to see if your selected keyword term is available on ExactSeek by using the Keyword Availability Tool.

Number Available indicates the number of times your keyword term can still be purchased.
None Available means that your selected Keyword Term has been sold out.

Purchase From PayPal

Purchases from PayPal are Subscriptions, you will need to cancel your subscription to prevent recurring charges through your Member Account.

* - Denotes a required field.


I have read and agree to the terms of service. My listing does not contain adult, illegal or banned content.

I understand there will be recurring charges unless the subscription is cancelled.

Payment is required in advance and may be made by credit card (Visa or MC). If you already have a PayPal account, you can purchase a subscription using a credit card. Checks Are Not Accepted. If you live in a country from which PayPal will not accept payments, please purchase from 2Checkout.

Once your payment has been approved (usually a few seconds), you will be directed to a web page (you may have to click a link) where you can enter your featured listing details (Title, Description, URL and Keyword Term).